Welcome, Wondering about groups?

We have a facebook group, youtube group, and even posts on twitter! Check it out! you are welocme to join all you want but please tell me BEFORE you post and tell me if you want to join first and remember, Don't be rude and only about Mittens. They are not everything groups. Nothing about yourself or anything rude or werid and odd. I want you to be right on everything and nice about Mittens. Yes, you can post photos of your CAT and Mittens special moves being taken. Even if you caught your cat doing the same thing that Mittens done in our photos in the photo gallery. Thank you and enjoy! ALL PHOTOS MUST BE POSTED AFTER I APPROVE IT. Thank you.
This is Mittens special Mittens-Stare photo lol :D
No, Not our icon. But i'm showing it!